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'All Blues'
Oil on Linen
100 x 70 cm (each, series of 13)


first blues allP3310001_edited.jpg

All Blues:

All Blues was completed in March 2021 as part of the Winsor & Newton + Royal Oil Institute's month long Residency Programme. The residency provided a wealth of resources including a generous supply of Winsor & Newton's own materials as well as dedicated studio and access to the company's archive and laboratories.

The paintings depict individually each blue in the Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colour range and are a scaled up version of the colour swatches found in the company's hand painted colour charts and on test samples in the laboratories adjacent to the studio. The act of painting every blue possible served as both a means of pursuing my own infatuation with the colour blue to a figurative end point as well as a means of concentrating my practice when faced with such an abundance of materials.

Notably the works are shown here in situ in the studio where they were made; unfortunately, due to restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic there could be no public exhibition of the works. Additionally, the Winsor & Newton offices were relocated shortly after the end of my residency, with the studios and associated programme closed down and the paintings eventually split up. These photographs therefore act not only as the final realisation of the paintings but also as a testament to the space in which they, and the works of may artists before me, were made.

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